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Well, another book section, I know. But this is also a result of the tons of emails that I get. Which book would you recommend about steering wheels. First two about steering wheels, even though Nardi is not my area of expertise, the book is quite interesting. Followed by a few other car related books that I like and enjoy. And I am going to add more in the future. If you think there is something missing  – let me know!

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MOMO Italy 1964 – 2014 – 50 Years

The story about the man behind Momo: Gianpiero Moretti, racing driver and entrepreneur – and the heart of Momo for a long time. The company that is renowned for its excellence in the production of steering wheels, racing suits and car components from 1964 to today. From the company’s association with Ferrari, dating back to the ’60s when the Prancing Horse adopted Momo steering wheels for Formula 1 until today.

Classic Cars

A little different subject now. This book is about 100 years of automobile advertising of the 20th century including more than 400 print advertisements from those years, decade by decade. 

It’s not just about car advertisement which was different, say 50 years ago, but it’s also about the evolution of the vehicle itself, car design in particular and how the manufacturers tried to sell them back in the years. Makes a great gift for any car enthusiast.

Nardi – A Story Of Cars And Steering Wheels

Most car enthusiasts know Nardis beautiful wood-rimmed steering wheels but only a few know that he was also a car builder, test driver for Ferrari, racer, team manager and much more. This book is about the man, Enrico Nardi, born in 1907 in Bologna and died at the age of 59 who started his career with Lancia and the company he founded, accompanied by some beautiful period black and white photos.

A Man & His Car: Iconic
Cars and Stories from
the Men Who Love Them

A Whole book just about the special bond between a man and his car. Or cars, in many of these stories it’s more than one. Of course Jay Leno has to be in it and a lot of others tell their very personal story about their intriguing
relationship with their cars. Interesting to read and with very artful pictures.
Recommendation or the year.

Hot Wheels

Okay, Hot Wheels. As I wrote in the about me section of, I was no exemption and I played a lot with these tiny little car models. This book, I got it as a gift (thanks again  Maggie) is a great history book when it comes to toy cars. More than 5 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced since 1968, making it the number-one toy in the world. It’s a great book with phantastic pictures and full of history lessons.

The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens

Bugs, Buses, Karmann Ghias and many more. A very nice book about the complete history of Volkswagen, their type 1, also known as the Bug or Beetle. One of the most iconic cars ever started as the “car for the people” in Germany. A full tour of Volkswagen and the development of their most appealing cars back in the 1930s to 1970s. A real must have for any car enthusiast.