Do I need a dash cam?

This mornings cars and coffee was full of discussions about the need and no need of gadgets for your car. It was quite interesting, a few of my buddies were against all kinds of electronics in their vintage cars but most people appreciated the easiness of these little helpers.

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Easy to install, easy to use – and sometimes life saving. Well, I bought a few of these items and I enjoy the way I can take them from one car to the other. I guess almost everyone with a vintage car will understand the use of a jump starter or a dash cam. I leave my lights on every now and then and I don’t want to have any discussions with my car insurance company, so a dash cam is very helpful. 
This is a list of the 7 most useful car gadgets. My latest addition is the Dash cam with Alexa built-in, which is really cool.

1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you tend to forget to check your tire pressure – thats what you need. This system checks tire pressure and temperature and alarms you if you have a leak, high or low pressure or high or low temperature. Works with solar and usb charging. 

2. Air Vent Phone mount

Four magnets will hold your phone on your car air went, which works will all standard air vents. Soft rubber protects your vent from scratching it. What you need is a phone case, because the metal plate will be places between your phone and case.

3. Dash cam full hd

Very helpful if you get into an road incident. This system is a full hd system with 1080p video in a 170 degree angle view and has emergency and loop recording modes. Comes with a dual-port USB car charger.

4. Dash cam with Amazon Alexa built-in

This is a pretty cool dash cam that has Alexa built-in. Easy to use driver assistance features and Garmin turn-by-turn navigation, powered by Alexa. Works with any bluetooth enabled smartphone and data connection. 

5. Portable car jump starter

This is the power bank for your car. Charge it with the dual usb charging port and once your car battery is low, this device can jump start your car up to 50 times. It’s a jump starter, a portable power bank, LED flashlight and SOS lighting signal in case of emergency in one device.

6. GPS Tracker with no monthly fee

Alert system for your car but not limited to a car. Geofence zones, speeding alerts, trip history and many more alerts depending on the capabilities of your car and optional roadside assistance. 1 year subscription service is included, 30 day free trial, one-time activation fee.

7. Rechargeable LED Flashlight

1000 Lumens flashlight, USB chargeable with a battery runtime of 2 hours to 40 hours depending on the Lumens (min 20, max 1000)