Best Momo steering wheel for every purpose

How many steering wheels do I need?

Do I really need more than one steering wheel? A very funny question, especially when a collector like me is asked. Well, the question was a little different: Why the hell do you have so many steering wheels? But more importantly, what is the best Momo steering wheel – for every purpose?

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Well, as I told you before, it started very harmlessly. In my first (old) Porsche was an old, beat-up, patinated steering wheel that somehow fascinated me, even if it was way too big, bus driver style and the grip was too thin. Then I started looking around, on swap meets, in thrift shops and online. And then I discovered a lot of nice old steering wheels and bought them for whenever. A few I had on the walls in my former garage. But a lot of steering wheels also ended up in boxes in the warehouse.

Back to the initial question. How many steering wheels do I need? Generally speaking, one for each car. But I don’t want to make it that simple. Let’s put it this way, it depends. Do I need more than one steering wheel? I would say yes.

vintage Momo Steering Wheels by patipatina

Jackie Stewart, Prototipo, Mod 07

vintage Momo Steering Wheels by patipatina

Lots of Momo steering wheels

Maybe you are like me, I use a car for the track and for the street, although on very different streets. In the city, on the highway and sometimes I just drive through the canyons, for example the Angeles Crest Highway. And without a joke, it often happens that I change the steering wheel for that particular purpose. I don’t have a quick release device, it brings the steering wheel too close to me and with my height of 6”4’ it becomes uncomfortable. So loosen 6 Allen screws each time, change the steering wheel and tighten again.

Best Momo steering wheel for a lot of reverse parking and slow city traffic

If I’m in the city a lot, I have to steer a lot at very slow speeds, I have to park, which all requires a lot of steering work, especially with the limited slip differential. At those times, I’m super happy with my semi dish 370mm Momo Abarth. Due to the larger diameter, I need less force when turning in, which makes parallel parking in reverse at the side of the street much easier. A vintage Momo Prototipo in 370mm would be a great option too, but hard to find and pricey.

370mm Abarth Rally steering wheel

370mm Momo Abarth steering wheel

370mm Abarth Rally steering wheel

370mm Momo Abarth steering wheel

Best Momo steering wheel for canyon carving

And if I want to drive through the canyons, I prefer to take a semi dish Momo Prototipo in 350mm diameter. The steering is a bit more compact, especially with faster turns and the grip size is perfect even with light gloves. And a little closer due to the semi dish, but still great for relaxed driving.

first-generation MOMO Prototipo - 350mm - stacked

first-generation Momo Prototipo 350mm semi-dish

1974-1976 Momo Prototipo semi dish steering wheel

second-generation Momo Prototipo 350mm semi-dish

Best Momo steering wheel for long highway hours

Sometimes I drive longer distances, on the highway or up the way to Laguna Seca, straight on for quite some time. On those occasions I like to sit and steer in a very relaxed way. For that purpose I prefer to use my beloved Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel, 350mm diameter, flat and with thick grip, that makes driving straight on super easy, also because the arms are in a even more relaxed position on the steering wheel.

Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel

Momo Jackie Stewart Steering Wheel

Momo Jackie Stewart steering wheel

Best Momo steering wheel for the track

On the track, I need something else. Closer to me and even more grip. From my point of view, either suede or alcantara is perfect for the job. My absolute favorite for that purpose is the Momo Rally 2000. 360mm in diameter, perfect handling and grip, just awesome! A few of them are even for sale here. If you prefer something brand new, the Momo Mod 07 might be the right steering wheel for you!.
mint MOMO Rally 2000 steering wheel

Momo Rally 2000 in mint condition

Momo Rally 2000 steering wheel for sale

Momo Rally 2000 after month of hard work

Your favourites?

What are your favourites? Anything I forgot to mention? And of course, I am talking about 40year old Porsche 911s. The handling in, lets say a BMW 2002 for example requires something else with the engine in front any maybe smaller tires. But anyway, I have this Momo Rally 2000 in my BMW 2002 with 15″ tires and it feels great! Tell me about your favourites! And please, always drive carefully and respectfully!